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Lindsey Bray, surrogacy

Lindsey became involved in the surrogacy world in 2009 whilst pursuing a life long ambition to help a childless couple become parents.

After completing her own family she joined an organisation called Surrogacy UK where her journey began.

In the following years she received IVF treatment at four different clinics across the country, experienced unsuccessful attempts to help two heterosexual couples and gained many lifelong friendships and experiences along the way.

Although the highlight of her journey was undoubtedly the privilege of carrying and giving birth to a son and a daughter via gestational surrogacy for a same sex couple. In addition to this, she has played an invaluable roll in a peer support network of Gestational and Traditional surrogates across the UK and as a result has attained a wealth of collective knowledge in the field of surrogacy.

Lindsey, in addition to being one of our surrogacy experts, is currently a massage therapist and mother of four living in a seaside town on the picturesque Isle of Wight. She enjoys learning new skills and has recently gained a qualification in Phlebotomy.

We are thrilled to welcome Lindsey to the IVF babble team!

If you have any questions for Lindsey Bray, please do send them across to her by emailing askanexpert@ivfbabble.com and adding her name into the subject box.

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