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Karen Synesiou 

Karen Synesiou is the chief operating officer and co-owner of CSP, Inc. and is responsible for the overall management of the surrogacy program. Born in Chelmsford, England, Karen graduated from Southampton University with a law degree in 1988. In 1990, Karen moved to the United States and began working at CSP as Program Administrator. In 1994, she became a co-owner and director of CSP, Inc.

Karen’s international background and her English law degree have been invaluable, as many of CSP’s clients originate from countries around the world. From the first meeting of intended parents through the birth and creation of their families, Karen brings her years of experience to maintaining strong, successful relationships.

Blessed with three children from IVF, Karen is personally aware of the process of wanting to become a parent. She has vast experience and knowledge from running the world’s oldest surrogacy agency. Her business and law background, combined with Karen’s understanding of the deep desire to have a family, make CSP, simply, the right choice for surrogacy.

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