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‘Basketball Wives’ star Tami Roman shares her experience with miscarriages and thoughts of surrogacy

Tami Roman, one of the former stars of TV series ‘Basketball Wives’, has opened up to talk show host Keyshia Cole about her struggles to carry a pregnancy to full term

Since her 2018 wedding to long-time boyfriend Reginald ‘Reggie’ Youngblood, Tami reveals that she has been struggling to get and stay pregnant.

Tami, who first gained stardom on The Real World: Los Angeles in 1993, is 17 years older than husband Reggie. While they are happy and comfortable with their age difference, her health issues have prevented her from carrying a pregnancy to term.

The model and businesswoman spoke to Keyshia Cole on her chat show ‘One on One with Keyshia Cole’ on the Fox Soul channel, revealing that she has had three miscarriages in the past few years. The couple is now considering hiring a surrogate to help them grow their family.

Tami confided to Cole, “He has no children. We tried three times. We, unfortunately, suffered three miscarriages. And, you know, now we’re considering a surrogate

You know, something like that. I saw Kandi had somebody have her baby … I said, Oh okay chile, that’s what we doing now? So we got the eggs and we harvested those and now we’re looking for a person to carry.”

The couple knew that the prospect of having a baby naturally might be a challenging one

Tami, who is 49, understood that her advanced maternal age could pose a problem, and she also has a prolapsed uterus, high blood pressure, and diabetes. She experienced a miscarriage at six months pregnant, and another at 10 weeks along.

Tami has 2 adult daughters, Lyric Anderson (25) and Jazz Anderson (23), both with former NBA player Kenny Anderson. She recently posted on Instagram, “I’m not supposed to understand everything. Some things are so beyond my grasp and extremely spiritual. This loss has shown me how much I would love to be a mother again. I always thought that this was about Reggie, that I was doing this for him…  but no, this is about me. I know that now.”

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