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Do cell phones and microwaves affect male fertility?

With all the focus on women when trying for your family, it’s sometimes forgotten that men can also have a fertility issue and these can sometimes be due to a variety of reasons

But did you know that using a laptop on your lap or putting a cell phone in your pocket can have an impact on a man’s fertility!

So what about a microwave? Can this have any negative effect on the quality of sperm production?

Less is known about what happens to people exposed to low levels of microwaves.

Controlled, long-term studies involving large numbers of people have not been conducted to assess the impact of low level microwave energy on humans.

Much research has also been done in laboratories, but it is difficult to translate the effects of microwaves on animals to possible effects on humans. However, these studies do help us better understand the possible effects of radiation.

And what about men carrying cell phones in their trouser or short pockets? Can that affect sperm production?

Many men of reproductive age in a lot of countries now own mobile (cell) phones.  With this increase in mobile phone ownership, there is concern over the potential effects of mobile phone exposure on human health.

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), a low-level radio frequency (RF), at a frequency of between 800 and 2200 MHz that can be absorbed by the human body.

In studies, mobile phone exposure has been associated with reduced sperm motility and viability, whereas the effect on sperm concentration was less clear. 

So to protect yourself, keep your phone well away from your manhood!

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