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Does working with a computer on the lap affect male sperm?

Though more research is needed, using your laptop on your lap for long periods of time may affect your sperm quality and quantity

This is due to the heat the laptop generates. Testicles are more vulnerable to heat than ovaries, so women are unlikely to be affected in the same way.

Research suggests that an increase in testicle temperature is closely linked to poor sperm quality and a temporary decrease in sperm production

Fertility experts advise that while you’re trying for a baby you should avoid using anything that could overheat your testicles. This includes:

  • heated waterbeds
  • electric blankets
  • spa baths
  • saunas

In one study, men who used computers on their laps for an hour had an average increase in scrotal temperature of about 2.7 degrees C

But this was a small study and we can’t say for certain that this has a negative effect on men’s fertility.

In addition, connecting to the internet using Wi-Fi while the laptop is on your lap may expose your testicles to radio-frequency electro-magnetic waves (RF-EMW).

However this isn’t enough evidence to prove that it will harm your fertility.

To play it safe while you’re trying to conceive, place your laptop on a desk or table when you use it, rather than on your lap.


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