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STAGE 9 | The Two Week Wait

The two-week wait is often thought to be the hardest part of the IVF process. You might feel like these fourteen days crawl past as you wait to see if your embryo transfer has been successful, and if you are pregnant.

While it’s easier said than done, try not to worry or stress during this time. While you should avoid sex during these two weeks, you can go about your regular daily routine. We recommend that you do not travel abroad during this time so that you can stay in contact with your clinic.

You might feel some mild pelvic discomfort or cramping – this is normal and should not alarm you. You might also experience some spotting halfway through the fourteen-day period, which is caused by implantation.

Avoid the temptation to take a pregnancy test too soon after your transfer! We know that it’s hard, but the hormones in your system can give you a false positive. It is best to wait for your clinic to do a blood test at the two-week mark.

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