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Actress Ufuoma McDermott urges Nigerian women not to be afraid of IVF

Ufuoma McDermott has said women need to be less skeptical of IVF treatment in her home country

The Nigerian actress had her son through IVF treatment and often posts adorable photos of him on her social media pages.

Her comments come in a recent interview with BBC News Pidgin in which she expresses the need for women not to be afraid of IVF treatment.

She said: “I urge women to open their heart and open their mind. There are many ways to become a parent; don’t deny yourself that joy and don’t deny that joy and love for that child.”

Means of conception are not important

She said how the child was conceived does not matter as long as the woman gives birth to a healthy baby.

Ufuoma also said there was a lot of fear due to religious beliefs.

She said her son is intelligent and fine and is very proud of being his mother. She is also mother to daughter, Kesiena, who was born in 2015.

The 38-year-old actress lives in Benin City, in Nigeria with her husband, Steven.

She is best known for her work as an actress, presenter, film director and former model.

To find out more about Ufuoma, visit her Instagram page, @ufuomamcdermott


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