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Gospel singer Kambua shares journey to motherhood

African gospel singer and television presenter, Kambua, has talked candidly about her journey to motherhood, and the cruel trolls who mocked her childlessness

The celebrity, from Nairobi, said she got to the point where she was ready to release her husband from their marriage due to their inability to have children.

Kambua got married to her businessman husband, Jackson Mathu in 2012 and tried for seven years to have their son, Nathaniel.

But the journey was far from plane sailing, the couple was subject to a lot of criticism from social media trolls and backlash during their infertility journey.

Speaking during a recent Youtube interview with In The Waiting Room, from the Waiting Wombs Trust, Kambua said her faith was tested along the way.

“For many years we lived in the grey, in the sense that any medical person we met and consulted with we got very vague answers and that is one frustrating thing about the fertility journey,” she said.


In 2018 the couple finally got a diagnosis for their infertility

Kambua said: “It broke me in a way that I did not expect. I wanted to know but I wasn’t ready to know.”

It was then that Kambua said she told her husband that she would release him, so he could have children with another woman.

“I thought to myself, ‘when I get home I am going to tell him ‘it’s ok, I release you to have children because it’s not fair to hold you back,” she explained.

When she told her husband about the report, the couple prayed together and realised they had to leave it in God’s hands.

“My doctor told me to go home and discuss the options that I would use, I got a positive pregnancy test and she was like, ‘Kambua your God is amazing,” Kambia said.

Kambua took a pregnancy test in December 2018 and was shocked to see it was positive.

It had been a seven-year journey, which she said caused her extreme heartache.

But the couple was delighted to welcome their son in August 2019

“I did get to a place of defeat,” she explained. “I completely let go of trying to control the situation and completely knowing that it didn’t matter when God would do it and how he would do it.”

She also spoke about how she was treated by people online due to not having children

“I had people saying to me that I was rich and I could afford IVF, very thoughtless and insensitive things from people I know and from others I don’t know,” she explained.

She said in an interview with The Trend Magazine that it angered her how much people tried to shame women who struggle with fertility issues.

“I remember thinking, the reason why it angers me is that people don’t even know what your journey is like,” she explained. “They don’t know what you are struggling with. They don’t know if you even want to have children. They don’t know if you can have children and there are so many people, especially today who are struggling with infertility.”

Their son turned one in August 2020 and she regularly posts about him and her life on her Instagram account.

She regularly uses the hashtag, #youareenough

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