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Nigerian fertility doctor urges women to be honest about their age

A Nigerian fertility specialist has urged women in some parts of the country to be honest about their age so he can better help them become parents

Speaking at a webinar to mark the 11th anniversary of the Asaba Nordica Centre, Dr Abayomi Ajayim, managing director of the Nordica Fertility Lagos said he wanted to urge women to be open about their age to help their prospect of success.

He told the online audience that because Nigerian men want to marry younger women, women had devised a way of taking some years off their age.

“As fertility doctors, this is a very big challenge. It is important we know the age of the person we are treating because it can affect the outcome of the treatment.

“If you do not tell us your true age, we might use the wrong treatment approach and it might not work for you

For instance, if you tell me you are 35 but you are really 40, we will treat you as a 35-year-old, it will have a significant impact on the outcome of your treatment.”

He said if their true age was known there were treatments that can help them to become mothers at 40 or 45.

Another speaker at the webinar, Dr Ann Onyekwere, a gynaecologist at Nordica Asaba Centre urged people to talk more about IVF.

She said, “People are still very secretive about IVF and we need to disabuse this notion to help others who help others who also need to benefit rather than going to the wrong places.

“There is nothing wrong with having babies through IVF.”

Do you live in Nigeria? Are you having IVF treatment? We’d love to hear your story? Or have you felt like you have had to lie about your age?

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