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The Ibidunno Ighodalo Foundation gifts 40 Nigerian couples IVF grant

An African non-profit organisation has gifted 40 couples the funds to have IVF treatment as part of a project to raise awareness and break the stigma of childlessness

The Ibidunno Ighodalo Foundation was created by Ibidunno Ighodalo and her husband, Ituah in 2016 amid their own personal fertility struggles.

The former beauty queen and her pastor husband had nine rounds of IVF before they went on to adopt two beautiful children, Keke and Zenan.

The couple launched Project 40at40 to help couples who are experiencing fertility issues in July 2020 and received more than 1,500 applications for support.

They told how it was not only the financial burden of fertility treatment but the psychological pressures that come alongside this, citing this as one of the reasons to launch the initiative.

Ibidunno has told how she met many women while on their fertility journey and joined in the pain and anguish that the women experienced.

It was the women she met and the stories she heard that made her want to do something positive to help

The successful couples were announced at a breakfast ceremony where Pasto Ighodalo said: “The number of applicants was what prompted Ibidunno to set up this project. The large number of people going through fertility-related challenges and the fact that treatments are usually in the millions which many cannot afford.”

The couples selected will now go on to have fertility treatment at fertility clinics in Nigeria partnered with the foundation.

A single rounds of IVF in Nigeria costs in the region of 900,000 Nigerian nairas, with couples usually needing between two and three cycles to conceive.

This does not include fertility drugs, which cost between 400,000 and 800,000 Nigerian nairas.

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