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Couple welcome quintuplets after seven years of childlessness

A couple from Nigeria is celebrating the birth of their quintuplets in January after enduring years of childlessness

Bright lybosa Akhimien and his wife Joyce describe the seven years they went without conceiving a ‘traumatic time in our lives’.

Bright, who is a deputy superintendent in the police force of Rivers State, said the pair had four boys and two girls, but sadly they lost one of the girls at birth.

The couple was treated at the Bridgestone Hospital, known for helping couples to have children via IVF.

Bright told Vanguard News: “Though we waited for seven years, Bridgestone is not all about IVF. The medical head, Dr Eze who managed my wife’s situation is very knowledgeable of fertility issues and many times, he gives corrective treatment after ascertaining the causative factors and conception comes naturally.

“That was the case with my wife. We got to know that IVF is cost-intensive. We could not have afforded it.”

The Rivers State policeman said he did not believe his wife when she first told him of the pregnancy

He said: “I thought it was one of those many stories we have been used to. It became a reality when I watched her stomach growing. Based on experience, Dr Eze deliberately refused to disclose the number of children we were expecting.

“All he told me was to prepare with money. I have seen cases where the expectant father was told of the number of children being expected from the scan results and as soon as the woman has given birth the man would run away. He said ‘your child is not one, more than two.”

It was decided early on that Joyce would have to have a cesarean section to deliver the number of children she was carrying.

The pregnancy was hard for the final few months with Joyce struggling to breathe and had swollen legs. There was also concern about her health due to the weight of the children.

Since the birth, the couple has not had much sleep

Bright said: “The financial and physical burden has been challenging ever since. We don’t sleep at night anymore. As one restless child sleeps, another one will take over.

“I want to thank our Pastor and his wife as well as members of the church, Four Square Gospel Church who have been so supportive from day one.”

The bill for the babies staying in the hospital for a month came to N2.6 million (£4,905) and the couple has been helped with that bill from friends, family, and strangers.

Bright said he wanted to tell couples never to give up on their faith in God to have children.

He said: “One thing I want to tell those who are travelling down the tortuous road which my wife and I passed through is that to pray to God who is ever faithful as heaven helps those who help themselves.

“Today I am the proud father of five babies.”

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