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Supermodel Naomi Campbell, 50, has announced the birth of her first child

Original supermodel Naomi Campbell has announced the birth of her first child on Instagram at the age of 50

Naomi Campbell, posted a photo of her baby daughter’s toes perching on her mother’s hands to her 10.5 million Instagram followers.

It remains unclear whether she carried the baby herself or if she had the help of a surrogate.

She said in the post: “A beautiful little blessing has chosen me to be her mother. So honoured to have this little gentle soul there are no words to describe the lifelong bond that I now share with you, my angel. There is no greater love.”

The post was liked by hundreds of people and she had many celebrity comments

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs said he was delighted and offered his blessings to his friend.

He said: “How absolutely incredible. How lucky she is and how lucky you are. What a wonderful mother you will be. Blessings all around.”

Fashionista Donatella Versace also offered her congratulations on hearing the news.

She said: “I am so so happy for you and cannot wait to meet her.”

Fellow 90s model and friend Helena Christensen offered her love, she said: “So so happy for you my friend, I knew one day you would be a mamma.”

Naomi follows in the footsteps of other celebrities who have had children in their late 40s and early 50s

Janet Jackson had her first child at the age of 40 and Brigitte Nielsen announced the birth of her fifth child in her 50s.

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