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German Radio Presenter P Fresh Ready to Donate his Sperm to Shatta Michy

Shatta Michy, who shares a son with Shatta Wale, the dancehall musician, is ready to have another baby, and she’s looking for a sperm donor

She put a call out on Snapchat, and it seems like she might have a taker.

Shatta Michy, whose real name is Michelle Diamond, is an entrepreneur and media personality. She is hoping to have a baby, and a Germany-based Ghanaian journalist and radio presenter is ready to help.

Henry Ankamah Ennin is better known as P Fresh. He is prepared and willing to donate his sperm to Shatta Michy for free!

Michy has a son with Shatta Wale. You might remember that their relationship ended a few years ago – she claimed he cheated on her. She recently posted on Snapchat that she hopes to have another baby boy, and she wants a sperm donor.

She doesn’t want the hassle and commitment of a baby daddy or a boyfriend. She just wants a man’s sperm to have the baby on her own – no sex! She wants a tall donor who has a high IQ rating, an O+ blood group, and hazel brown eyes.

She wrote:

“I got a feeling I have seen what my 2nd child looks like in my subconscious. I’m ready, and I don’t need a baby daddy, just sperm. Specs needed:

1. Must be tall (I want a giant for a baby).

2. IQ -130 & above.

3 Eye color -hazel brown

4. Blood type O+

5. Race – any except Chinese (I will balance it out)

Serious donors only pls. Containers will be provided for sperm collection.”

On his radio show called Fresh Radio Online in Germany, P Fresh volunteered his sperm for free. He told his listeners:

“I’m ready to donate my sperm to Michy… I have volunteered … With the qualities I have all…I am tall, etc …She shouldn’t think about paying me any money and I am ready to either fly her to Germany or will fly to Ghana if she is really serious.”

Some listeners might have thought that P Fresh was just kidding for entertainment, but he seems serious. He’s even ready to sign a contract with Michy which will give up his rights to the kid in the future! Shatta Michy hasn’t followed up or publicly announced whether she will take P Fresh up on his offer or whether she will use the sperm for IVF, IUI, or insemination at home.

What do you think of Shatta Michy’s decision to look for a sperm donor on Snapchat? Do you think it’s a good idea for her to go with P Fresh, or should she look for an anonymous donor? Have you used a spark donor? We would love to hear from you at mystory@ivfbabble.com 

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